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Warranty Claims have a tremendous impact on manufacturers as a whole, not just due to the financial strain, but the also the influence on the company’s goodwill, brand perception, customer loyalty etc.

According to Hortonworks "Automobile manufacturers spend approximately 2% to 3% of their annual revenues paying warranty claims." This implies a significant investment of time, effort and money spend on Warranty claims by manufacturers, due to the various complications involved in claim analysis.

However, things are changing rapidly, as the Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) is helping manufacturers, with use of smart and intelligent devices, to convert the massive amount of warranty related data, into actionable and predictive insights. With the help of intelligent systems and methodologies for warranty analysis, IIoT is helping streamline this critical process by leaps and bounds.

This tipsheet shows proven techniques through which the IIoT is helping deliver accurate,instant and effortless warranty claim by use of Cognitive Data Science approaches:

  1. It shows the actual challenges faced by manufacturers in gaining accurate visibility into warranty claims, equipment and device failures.
  2. Methodologies by which manufacturers can use warranty intelligence to create a mine of opportunities and save billions of dollars while safeguarding their warranty liabilities
  3. Tried and tested analytical and predictive maintenance techniques to prevent fraudulent claims and monetary risks with early detection

Download the tipsheet now to manage warranty obligations efficiently and realize superior outcomes.



5 Reasons why IIoT is the ‘Smart’ answer to streamlining Warranty Claims


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