Harnessing Your Machine And Data Capabilities

Predictive Maintenance for the Industrial IoT

The Industrial IoT is the next frontier in the digital factory revolution. IIoT brings unprecedented opportunities to create new business models that propel growth by transforming the way humans and machines interact with each other, resulting in lower operational costs, higher machine efficiency, and zero unplanned downtime.

The “Why” of Industrial IoT seems solid and clear to the data driven C-Suite, but what’s ambiguous is the “How”? At DataRPM, we break down our strategy in four categories where the real applications emerge - Operational Efficiency, New Product Offerings, the Outcome Economy and the Autonomous Pull Economy.

This ebook will talk in depth about the “How”, where every forward-thinking industrial leader can monetize the trillion dollar opportunity in IIoT, as well as the “What” of solutions required to take to make IIoT scalable, efficient and ROI-generating.    



About Us

DataRPM is an award-winning predictive analytics company focused on delivering the next generation predictive maintenance solutions for the Industrial IoT. DataRPM platform automates data science leveraging the next frontier in machine learning known as meta-learning, which is machine learning on machine learning. The platform increases prediction quality and accuracy by over 300% in 1/30th the time and resources delivering 30% in cost savings or revenue growth for business problems around predicting asset failures, reducing maintenance costs, optimizing inventory and resources, predicting quality issues, forecasting warranty and insurance claims and managing risks better.

Learn more about the company at www.datarpm.com.
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